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The Spur's minmal tail area,  medium deep sail, and small bridle make it a highly responsive tool for those looking to explore the fast-pased flying style. The super ultralight makes tricking possible in almost no wind by removing unnessasary weight and enhancing response- the upper spreader is replaced with a taught cord, and tigher bridle compresses the lower half of the kite, providing immediate feedback and preventing distortion of its light frame.


Learn about the design process of the Spur.


  • Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Recommended Line Length: 40-90'
  • Recommended Line Strength: 50# (SUL), 50-100# (UL), 75-150# (ST), 100-150# (STR)


Spur SE

All kites are made to order by our preferred sailmaker and framed by John McCracken. You will receive an email confirming approximate lead time.
  1. Please click HERE for the Spur SE colorizer. 
  2. Please click "save", then "share". Copy and paste colorizer the URL into the "Add Note" section at checkout.

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