Spur SE

A Silver Lining


Originating from a prior project called Scope, the Spur arose from a spur of motivation within the COVID-19 pandemic. The product is a speedy ¾ sized kite with solid pull and a medium-deep, yet recoverable backflip. Excelling in turbulent winds, the Spur gives you the ability to execute your style with intention and accuracy in small spaces. 


This model has been updated for 2021, now manufactured by Canvas Kite Designs as the Spur SE. Our grattitute goes to Jon and Marieanne Trennepohl for producing the kite through SkyBurner Kites as Canvas Kite Designs was founded.


Skill level: Intermediate - Advanced.

Strengths: Loves turbulent wind, excels in small spaces, agility.

Turn Rate: Inside wing.

Bridle: Three point.

Reccomended Line Legnth: 35-75 foot

Reccomended Line Stregnth: 50-100# (UL), 75-150# (ST).


Super Ultralight in development.