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Canvas Kite Designs consists of our two-person team; John McCracken and Devin Cobleigh-Morrison. Combined, we bring over 35 years experience to the community.

Devin started flying in 1995 and has been involved in kite design for over 10 years, releasing various kites through the Sky Burner and Premier Kites labels. John has been flying since 2005 and has also been involved with kite building and repair for over 10 years. John has also sewn boutique sails for Sky Burner Kites.

In its first year of business, Canvas Kite Designs was featured in the American Kite Fliers Association Magazine, Volume 44, Issue 1 (right), both with an interview as well as with a picture of a custom Intention Ultralight on the cover. CKD was also featured on the Sport Kite Podcast hosted by Nic O'Neill of Fortuna Found. You can listen to the episode, and others from the podcast by clicking here. In 2022, CKD had the highest representation of kites at both Kite Party Huntington Beach and Lyon Township's Kite Festival, and purchased the remaining inventory of the Four Winds Kite Shop to distribute to shops across the US as well as grow the CKD brand. We are and continue to be thankful for the well-wishes and opportunities we have received thus far. 

_DSC3697 CKD gathering group shoot_edited.jpg

John and Devin were both mentored by Jon and Marieanne Trennepohl of Kites and Fun Things, Sky Shark Tubes and Sky Burner Kites. Without their patience, guidance, high standards, and blessing to create this company itself, none of this would be possible. It is our deepest intent to credit our success partly to the people who give us, and the kiting community, so much.

John McCracken

Sewing, Framing, Shipping, Quality Control, Customer Service, Durability Analysis.


_DSC3094 Devin Spur_edited.jpg
Devin Cobleigh-Morrison

Design, Bridle Construction, Quality Control, Customer Service, Durability Analysis.

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