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Two sides of the same coin, Frank and Tank were born from the same shape with two extremely different goals.


TANK, available only from CKD, was born from an experiment using Sky Shark P400 Pro - their least common, and most rigid tube that is typically used in single line bowed kites. Its goal was simple: produce a large, robust kite that is geared towards accessibility and fun. Packed with loads of inertia, Tank has only moderate pull that is controlled from a large turbo bridle and flexible inner standoff. When combined with robust framing, Tank maintains his shape in a large wind range, while the wrapped fiberglass standoff maintains smooth flight in bumpy wind. He excels in the latest trick trends such as the Crazy Copters and Front Flip variations, Taz and Comete cascades, and Flat Spins. Tank is precise enough for pairs and group flying.


FRANK, available only in kite shops, is geared towards helping fliers use a full sail to explore an efficient, slower trick pace, and precise flight. Its semi-flexible but durable frame of Sky Shark P2X Camo enables him to absorb extra pilot impact and aid in recoil-based rotation. Frank's goal lies in providing shops with a high end kite, with goal oriented objectives. He is extremely precise with only moderate pull, and loves stalls and slides equally as much as popular tricks such as Taz Machines, Fade combinations, and Lazy Susans.


  • Skill Level: Intermediate - Professional
  • Bridle: Reverse Turbo (Frank), Turbo (Tank)
  • Turn Rate: Inside Wing
  • Pull: Moderate (both), Moderate-Strong (Tank, high winds)
  • Recommended Line Length: 110-130'
  • Recommended Line Strength: 150 and 200#


  • Please click HERE for the Tank colorizer. 
  • Please click "save", then "share". Copy and paste colorizer the URL into the "Add Note" section at checkout.

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