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The Crux boasts features such as a cut away trailing edge, deep sail, and curved spine seam to create geometry of freestyle kite without bounds. The Crux loves to be moving through combination tricks and sides, thanks to his reverse tubo scale set up high in the sail- a rarity for such a bridle set up. It's mid size and carefully placed. spreader locations seamlessly blend dynamic and static balance, and make for an extremely durable kite that can stand up to extreme impact over a large range of winds and skill levels. 


Read about the design process of the Crux.


  • Skill Level: Advanced - Professional
  • Recommended Line Length: 50-100'
  • Recommended Line Strength: 75-100# (UL), 100-150# (ST), 150# (STR)


All kites are made to order by our preferred sailmaker and framed by John McCracken. You will receive an email confirming approximate lead time.
  1. Please click HERE for the Crux colorizer. 
  2. Please click "save", then "share". Copy and paste colorizer the URL into the "Add Note" section at checkout.

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