At CKD, we offer both stock and custom color kites, and "white label" kites (details are below) on a rare occasions. We pride ourselves in sending you a kite that not only looks the way you want, but inspires to you to learn the intricacacies of their design, their purpose, and ultimately pushes you to learn more about the vast world of kiting. Below are some pictures we've received from customers around the world. Feel free to send us a picture of your custom colors, and we’ll add it below.   (Album coming soon). 

full line.jpeg
fire and ice.jpeg
crux pair.jpeg
crux 2.jpeg
What is a "White Label Kite" ?

Every kite from CKD comes with a logo sewn on the filers side at the tail piece (below). For stock and custom colored kites, this consists of a black background with a white logo (below). A “White Label” kite represents the addition of something unique to that kite specifically. This can consist of a discontinued fabric or color, a special frame, or reinforcement at the request of the buyer that has been approved by the CKD team. Each white label kite has been thoroughly discussed between the buyer, John McCracken, and Devin Cobleigh-Morrison. 

CKD White Label

CKD White Label

Classic/Stock Label


Intention ST White Label: Use of Plum

and Slate discontinued PC-31 icarex


Intention ST White Label: Use of Yellow mylar, and 

Icarex Technic (wing tips and upper leading edge)